AudiVax Reviews: Supplement That Works or Risky Side Effects?

AudiVax is a natural dietary supplement that targets to support healthy hearing and overall ear health. Hearing loss might be due to prolonged exposure to loud noise, a congenital defect, certain medication, damaged eardrums, or aging. AudiVax is a supplement for people who have hearing loss that claims to be able to help restore their hearing without the need for surgery, medication, or other conventional treatments.

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AudiVax Reviews

AudiVax is a product that claims to be able to help users improve their hearing and prevent older adults from beginning the early stages of hearing loss by using a formula that is considered to be a secret in India.

If your hearing isn’t what it used to be and you want to do something about it but you don’t want to use a hearing aid or have surgery, then AudiVax might be a good alternative for you to consider.

What is AudiVax?

As was stated earlier, AudiVax is a dietary supplement that is promoted as being able to support healthy hearing. Inflammation, which impairs your body’s ability to process sounds, is targeted by the supplement, which, according to the official website, employs the use of natural herbal ingredients.

An individual by the name of Eric Kitzenberg, a medical researcher who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, is said to be the creator of AudiVax. Eric claims that he experienced a gradual loss of his hearing beginning at a young age, which eventually got to the point where he found it challenging to communicate with other people.

Eric decided to treat his hearing loss with alternative medicine rather than undergoing invasive surgery or wearing hearing aids, both of which could have adverse effects on his hearing. Because of this, he was able to make contact with a “health guru” by the name of Sri Chimnoy, who assisted him in the creation of AudiVax.

Eric reported that his life had been completely transformed as a result of using AudiVax for a period of several months. Not only did he regain the ability to hear, but his hearing was also significantly enhanced in comparison to how it had been in the past. Because of his achievements, he decided to make AudiVax available to the general public so that other people could enjoy the same level of success that he did.

How Does AudiVax Work?

The developer of the product believes that the primary reason why people experience hearing loss is due to a deficiency in filial cells. These cells contribute to the body’s ability to process sound through the ear, which is made possible by the body. Although they are costly and frequently expensive, there are certain medications that can assist your body in the production of these cells.

The natural ingredients that are included in AudiVax are supposed to assist your body in producing more of these filial cells, which will allow your brain to process sounds in a more effective manner.

In addition, research has shown that inflammation in the ear can hinder the capacity of the brain to process sounds properly. By helping to naturally reduce inflammation in your brain, AudiVax makes it possible for your brain to process sound waves in a manner that is both effective and speedy.

AudiVax Ingredients

In order to support hearing, AudiVax includes a combination of approximately a dozen different vitamins, minerals, and other plant extracts. On the other hand, Eric claims that there are nine primary components to AudiVax that are really the ones responsible for the product’s primary advantages. These nine components include the following:

Rhodiola rosea : Rhodiola rosea is a herb that has been shown to reduce inflammation in the central nervous system. Rhodiola rosea is also one of the primary ingredients in AudiVax. Eric asserts that “what makes hearing happen” is the activity that occurs in the central nervous system. By taking the Rhodiola Rosea contained in AudiVax on a daily basis, you have the potential to quiet brain waves that are connected to hearing as well as prevent the creation of earwax, which makes it an effective two-step hearing loss ingredient. Rhodiola Rosea has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is considered to be an effective natural stress reliever (also known as an adaptogen).

Ashwagandha: Another well-known adaptogen that has been incorporated into Ayurvedic treatment for many years is ashwagandha. According to Eric, the ashwagandha contained in AudiVax helps to strengthen your eardrums, lessens the amount of background noise, and increases the proliferation of hearing-related filial cells, all of which make it an ideal plant for people who have hearing loss.

Chamomile: A herb that is frequently utilized in the preparation of tea, can be found in AudiVax. According to Eric, the chamomile that is found in AudiVax helps reduce inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation that can affect hearing and inflammation that can be found in the ear. Eric believes that the tea offers “huge benefits to those who are hard of hearing” due to the effects described above.

Lemon Balm:It is said that taking an extract of lemon balm, which is another well-known herb for its sedative properties, can improve hearing by increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the eardrums. If your hearing issues are caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood, the lemon balm extract that is contained in AudiVax may be able to assist you.

Skullcap: According to Eric, AudiVax includes skullcap, which stimulates filial cells connected to hearing. Additionally, skullcap is contained in AudiVax. Skullcap is a plant that is native to India. It has been utilized in dozens of investigations, and there have been hundreds of participants.

Hawthorn: Eric claims that the hawthorn in AudiVax improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Hawthorn is one of the ingredients in AudiVax. Hearing is affected by how much blood flows through the ear. If the cells in your inner ear and ears do not receive sufficient blood flow, your hearing may suffer as a result. In order to remedy this issue, AudiVax employs the utilization of hawthorn.

Passionflower: Eric asserts that passionflower possesses a “amazing ability to restore hearing” and that it is frequently found in sleep aid pills and other calming aids. It helps hearing cells rest and relax, which is a significant benefit.

Valium: It is yet another ingredient that is commonly found in sleep aids. Valerian is famous for its ability to relax both the body and the mind. According to AudiVax, valerian can help your hearing become more robust and powerful while also encouraging the growth of new cells by acting as a sedative for your brain and neurological system. In addition, valerian can help your hearing become more robust and powerful.

Pricing and a Guarantee from AudiVax

If you are interested in giving AudiVax a try, you can do so by placing an order on the product’s official website. You’ll find a wide variety of shopping opportunities there, including the following items:

  • 1 Bottle is $69 and Free Shipping in the US
  • $177 for all three bottles plus free shipping within the US ($59 per bottle).
  • Priced at $294 with free shipping within the US ($49 per bottle).

In addition, there is a money-back guarantee on every order for a period of sixty days. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, haven’t seen the results you desire, or have changed your mind about wanting AudiVax, you have the option to return your bottles within the first sixty days of use and receive a full refund on your purchase, with no questions asked. This guarantee applies even if you haven’t seen the results you desire.

Is it Safe to Use AudiVax? – The Possibility of AudiVax Induced Side Effects

AudiVax was developed to not only be an efficient treatment for hearing loss, but it was also intended to be completely risk-free. As a result of this, there have been no reports of adverse effects associated with the use of this product as of the time of this writing.

Any supplement, on extremely rare occasions, may cause a mild discomfort in the stomach, nausea, or headache. AudiVax is not an exception to this rule. However, the likelihood of this occurring is extremely low, and even if it does take place, it is likely to be of a relatively minor nature and only be a temporary concern.

Remember that even though AudiVax is designed to be risk-free for everyone, you should still use caution when using it. If you are currently taking any prescribed medications or have a preexisting medical condition, you should consult your primary care physician before attempting to use AudiVax to ensure that it is safe for you to do so.

In general, AudiVax is completely risk-free and won’t put your health at risk in any way, shape, or form. It is strongly suggested that you consult your physician before putting this product to use if, for whatever reason, you are unsure whether it will work for you or not.


AudiVax is a treatment for hearing loss that claims to be the first dietary supplement that can turn back the clock on hearing loss. It is said that if you take it on a regular basis, your hearing will be better than it has ever been.

Complete the online purchase form to reserve your package right away. It’s available here on the site. If you have a bottle of AudiVax, you won’t have to deal with any more frustrations, embarrassments, or fears related to cochlear implants.

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