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I want they would have used somewhat more keyboards on this album, but the little they do appear they sound superior and are available in at just the right moments. It’s bands like The Faceless that make me proud to be a metalhead. Planetary Duality is a progressive technical-dying metallic masterpiece that I have not faraway from my stereo since I received it. I actually like how The Faceless is transferring away from the generic deathcore sound of their peers. Thankfully, there are no boring single-observe breakdowns designed to excite typical Suicide Silence fan. The Faceless have disregarded the stereotypical trends of deathcore to pursue their very own musical pursuits, to the delight of metalheads corresponding to myself.

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He also uses clean vocal components which offer variation but typically really feel out of place. As I mentioned earlier than, this band must be seen to be appreciated. They faithfully create the notes heard on their albums with fierce efficiency. Jones’ shredding is correct and precise, Keene’s solos will melt your face, Giffin’s bass strains need to be seen to consider, and Demon Carcass’s voice is probably the best reside roar within the historical past of steel.

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If Play-period Moby merged with peak period Groove Armada and Swedish House Mafia, the results would come close to the heights Dumont hits on Duality. There is not a wasted second on Duality and the result’s a nourishing fix that provides an emotional various to any ephemeral electronic dance fluff. As of January 2021, the song has 280 million views on YouTube. The music video, directed by Tony Petrossian, cost between $300,000 and $500,000 and was recorded on March 27, 2004.

  • the entire song is brimming with a tense power and has fixed, satisfying motion.
  • Overall, Keene and Steve Jones’ guitars actually praise one another.
  • We don’t see all the colors—everyone’s their very own colour, but they don’t see all of the others.
  • There are a variety of artistic beats and double bass patterns to be found throughout Planetary Duality’s runtime.
  • Now to the vocals, Demon Carcass returns and has not misplaced his touch.
  • The album appears to have an area and science fiction theme , which is more attention-grabbing than the lyrical content of Akeldama.
  • This is album is a needed addition to the gathering any person that calls themselves a metalhead.
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  • That being mentioned, that is about as good of an album that you could purchase, previous or current.

Some of my favorites are discovered on “Xenochrist”, “Legion of the Serpent”, and “Sons of Belial”. Sweep choosing and finger tapping are used every so often, but only to assist create environment somewhat than exhibit technical capability. To touch upon aBLABBERMOUTH.NETstory or evaluate, you have to be logged in to an energetic private account on Facebook. User comments or postings don’t replicate the viewpoint ofBLABBERMOUTH.NETandBLABBERMOUTH.NETdoes not endorse, or assure the accuracy of, any consumer remark. To accomplish that, click on the downward arrow on the top-right nook of the Facebook comment and select the suitable motion. Hidden feedback will nonetheless seem to the person and to the person’s Facebook friends.

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They actually have a lot of selection, though I can undoubtedly say that they could simply come straight off of a Meshuggah album from Fredrik Thordendal. My favorite aspect of the guitar work would have to be the chord decisions although. This album has a few of the most unique chords I’ve ever heard. They have a very dissonant feel, which works completely with this type. Overall, Keene and Steve Jones’ guitars really praise each other.

Duality Review

Never does one feel as though compositional segments are thrown together with out concern for the music, a feat that’s on no account simple to accomplish within the context of such challenging preparations. In 2016, the British rock band Asking Alexandria coated the music for the compilation album Decades of Destruction. The video begins with a crowd of fans running towards the digicam which is clearly behind a window. As the music switches in depth the video cuts to photographs inside the home of the band performing in shut quarters with the followers. The video constantly switches between the band performing and followers destroying the house and the surrounding environment.

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You ought to be proud as a result of that is one hell of an album. The seamless vocal harmonies of How To Dress Well are gorgeous and his excessive-pitched singing works insanely well. For a great chunk of the monitor, the melody is sluggish nevertheless it gradually makes its presence recognized. As it builds, there’s a second of straight bliss before the real magic kicks off. Dumont gets sultry and retro on “Nightcrawler” featuring Say Lou Lou.

Duality Review

Lead guitarist Michael Keene impresses with distinctive rhythmic fashion of soloing in practically every song. Drum wise it is what you count on, a large amount of quick blasting and double kicking. Although not overly unique, the drummer does his job fantastically. As with many albums these days the bass guitar is low within the combine, so bassist Brandon Griffin is often simply providing a little bit of backing to the guitarists.

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Keene provides some vocoder motion and clean vocals in places, however they feel applicable and add a new angle to the onslaught. And in an age when most clean vocals are frankly weak and contrived, these show the bands progression and maturity. As I talked about earlier than, the lyrics are a bone chilling commentary on some horrifying observations. Few will totally recognize the accuracy right here, however those who do might be delighted to know what they’re REALLY speaking about. The LA area band turned to San Antonio native Lyle Cooper to handle the drumming full-time and he nails his debut with The Faceless.

Duality Review

I want that the album had put forth more of those nice jazzy and melodic breaks. There are also some elements where Michael Keene does these weird cleans, which aren’t half bad however the timing wasn’t very properly executed with the place they were positioned. The guitar work of Michael Keene and Steven Jones is undeniably the highlight of Planetary Duality. The usage of rigorously constructed technical riffs and destructive tremolo picking sections coupled with a diversity of dissonant chords helps to create a darkish, ominous, and spacey atmosphere. The two instrumental tracks, “Shape Shifters” and “Planetary Duality I”, additionally improve the atmosphere of the songs that they precede by gradually building up depth. Solos are generally quick and located on almost every observe, however are extremely melodic and emotionally expressive.

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As for the music, it’s difficult to completely grasp upon first pay attention. This is common inside the style, as the many layers are finest revealed via familiarity. It is nicely schooled in extreme progressive music principle, but doesn’t feel plagiarized at any level. Drawing from the previous, they have created a sound and tone that’s exhausting to match when it comes to precision and creativity. Guitarist and producer Michael Keene “Machine” has officially cemented his reputation as one of many premier young minds in the music trade.

As the proud proprietor of a Nodus Contrail, I can inform you that Nodus took issues to an entire new level with this watch and I actually suppose it offers the best value and have set for individuals seeking their very first Nodus. Interestingly, this might be the one watch that leads me to interrupt some of my very own watch purchasing guidelines that I’ve set for myself in 2020. ‘Duality’ encompasses every thing fantastic about Duke Dumont. There is so much expertise on this one man and his musical data is presented to us here with a flexible collection of tracks that may surely stay on for years to come. An overarching question is, why Duality for the title? What are the juxtaposing elements that the superstar producer is referring to?

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The solos on the album are nothing wanting spectacular. His manufacturing pulls it all collectively and provides fantastic cohesion to all components. That being said, that is about as good of an album that you can purchase, previous or current. The mixture of sheer brutality, technical virtuosity, creative lyrics, and spot on artwork is close to perfect. Expectations have been high, based on the ability and fervour of Akeldama, they usually have not disappointed, save the aforementioned issue of length.

Duality Review

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Most definitely not, nevertheless it represents the technical dying metal genre very well. In my opinion, the standout tracks are “Coldly Calculated Design”, “Xenochrist”, “Sons of Belial”, and “Planetary Duality II”. If you’re a fan of progressive or technical steel then I would suggest shopping for this album. The bass work of Brandon Giffin is sort of technical and compliments the guitars, but will get drowned out by the other instruments at occasions.

Duality Review

Heavy guitar strains that aren’t too heavy, some candy-ass bass grooves, unbelievable vocals, and don’t even get me started on the drum work. This is not a foul album by any means; it’s technically sound with good production, has some great riffs and manages to inject much more dynamics than another albums of its ilk. However, it is the frantic strategy to the track buildings that diminishes its influence. If a number of the riffs had been given more time and house to evolve this won’t be the case, but there are too many passages that come out of nowhere and do nothing greater than display technical capacity. Technical capability aside, it is the track that counts in the long run.