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About Friendship

Friendship is the interdependence between a human relationship. Friendship is stronger than interpersonal communication in the form of a union. Friendship has been studied in scientific fields such as communication, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.

Although there are different forms of friendship, some of which may differ from the location, some of the characteristics of the different types of these bonds are. These qualities are love; Goodness, love, virtue, compassion, empathy, honesty, altruism, loyalty, mutual understanding, and compassion, to enjoy each other’s company, trust and ability to be themselves, others express their emotions and make mistakes without fearing for a second friend

Make New Friends:


Make the Blinds Many of us have heard about “Blind Date”, where we played friend swat and we were ready with someone, never met.

  • Hold on.
  • Come closer and in person.
  • Stay constant.
  • Set your goal.
  • Say cheese.
  • Do not take it personally.
  • Think outside the field.

How to Make Friends?

Method 1:

1. Become a member of an organization or club.
2. Become a member of the sports team.
3. Volunteers
4. Do it yourself.

Method 2:

1. Talk to people.
2. Look and smile.
3. Start a conversation.
4. Make a conversation.
5. Imagine the end of the conversation.
6. Ask for lunch or coffee.
7. Start the meeting.
8. Searching for common interests.

Method 3:

1. Be faithful to your friend.
2. Be a good friend.
3. Be reliable
4. Be a good listener.
5. Be reliable
6. Emphasize you’re good qualities.
7. Stay up to date.
8. Choose your friends wisely.

Types of Friends:


Faithful best friend. Sometimes a loyal best friend is the only thing you need to stay healthy.

  • Imperial adventurer.
  • A cruel honest manager.
  • Wise Mentor
  • A friend from a different culture.
  • The opposite pole.
  • Friendly friend.
  • Work friend.

Phases Of Friendship:

Finding friends is not as easy as it seems when you grow up. When you meet one person who seems to bite you, it’s almost like you’ve found your “person”. Sometimes this friendship grows, but sometimes it seems to be too beautiful to be true. We all have this one friend who we think we can not do without him. Perhaps all these friendships came from many unpleasant moments when you did not even imagine that you were going. However, the reason that you and this person can be submerged is that you look the same and you probably did the same things when you approached your best friends. Here’s a 20-step girl.

  • Inexpensive attempt to become friends
  • A nice scene
  • “Send me an SMS back !!!!” phase
  • “OMG, I’m annoying?” phase
  • Snapchat phase
  • Many calls during the chat phase
  • “Torque” phase
  • Phase “My friends know you never did it”
  • Memory phase
  • Stage of unnecessary redundancy
  • “We”
  • The “enter me” phase
  • “What should I do?” phase
  • The “Inside Joke” phase
  • Battlefield
  • Phase “No conversation is unlimited”
  • The “I am here” phase
  • What belongs to me is your phase
  • Phase “I like your parents more than yours”
  • I do not know what you did without this stage

How To Be a Good Friend?

1. Always stay there, even in silence.
2. Be together and listen. It’s beautiful and easy. Be serious, if you like, love and always forgive.
3. Do not be afraid to tell yourself the truth, no matter how difficult it is.
Lead at the right time with honest opinions.
5. A true friend is the one who always listens and is really interested in good and evil, and the one who rings or greets.
6. Be loyal to trust and character, always open and share matters, always honest, even if you disagree.
7. A real friend does everything that has shocked you when you are angry and give you a special feeling.
8. Try to improve your life together.
9. Be one of those who are really sensitive and gives the other person space, security and choice to do the same.
10. Be really happy when they get, receive or achieve something that you really want.
11. Share the truth in your heart without fear of misunderstanding.
12. Be faithful and forgive, but most importantly: love and respect.
13. To accept a person as a person without conditions. It is also important how you got there, sometimes you have to be prepared to be there for you.
14. In spite of personal decisions, become friends and save them if they are not the ones you want.
15. A true friend always supports a person but does not think that he must support the situation. A real friend knows how and when to tell the company.
16. Help develop those that are closest to you. Life is growing, and a real friend is one where you can really help define yourself as a person.
17. Celebrate victories and sustain losses. Follow the word and confirm, if not.
18. Get help from a friend when others leave.
19. Do not worry about minor misunderstandings.
20. Come on! You can apply for interest, but you will not be able to pretend to appear.
21. A real friend is something that lets you feel as good as one. There are no illusions, no restrictions.
22. Be the same in the same way as you. Indicated, if you can not be there alone, it is probably something you have to solve first.
23. Do not let your things bother you. Ego is powerful.
24. Learn the least attractive features of someone and love and always keep them.

Long-Distance Friendships:

The longer distance is magic. They allow you to interact with other people in a way that goes beyond physical presence and deeper. Diana Cortes. “Distance is not important – friendship is our heart.

7 ways to maximize long-term friendships in relationships:

  • Set the time when you can.
  • Stay in touch.
  • Find something that you can do individually.
  • Take the situation
  • Do not be ashamed of missing contacts.
  • Communicate in a different way.
  • Use the distance as an opportunity.

Strong Friendship:

Trust and trust in a friend is one of the most important preconditions for a strong relationship because true friendship means that you can trust yourself. Part of taking care of a friend is respect for what he says to you, regardless of their weight, confidentiality, and respect.
5 important conditions for strong friendship:
1. Believe.
2. Equality.
3. It is a pity.
4. Honesty.
5. Independence.

Fake Friendship:

Do not use it in person if you meet the wrong friend. An incorrect person will also be false. In extreme cases, it may be difficult to say if someone is a bad friend, especially if he wants to be a fake!

12 Signs of a Fake Friend:

  • Your friendship is conditional.
  • Your friend behaves differently when you are close to other people.
  • Bad friends will speak badly when they are gone.
  • False friends will not talk to you if you do not agree.
  • False friends disappear when someone seems “more interesting.”
  • Really friends always want something from you.
  • Unfaithful friends stop talking to you if you say “no”.
  • True friends never try to help you achieve your goals.
  • False friends always bring you.
  • False friends, do not listen.
  • An unlucky friend sees what you need and wants to be irritating.
  • False friends do not accept you as you.


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