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Learn to Be Good at Fist Fighting


Sometimes it can be a terrible experience in battle or an unstable and aggressive situation, even if you have been fighting martial arts for many years. If a local university student takes a fight or if the perpetrator is trying to rob his wife, the normal seems to be completely helpless and completely surprised until you take a reasonable step. After the shock, it is quite reasonable for the perpetrator to be sent to prison. Nevertheless, it pays to be a peace officer if you know how to hurt people. A martial artist can not only run away and worry.

Especially if you are a real martial artist, you know how to participate in the game. They also know that almost every systematic form of martial arts has its own code of ethics and almost everything has to do with respect for peers and not with unnecessary strength to fight. Many of these martial arts, especially from the East, teach peace, peace, brotherhood, solidarity, and above all self-control. A pretty ironic art that is based on the greatest possible pain.


1. Stand properly

    1.1. Forearm Block

2. Roundhouse Kick

3. Make a fist correctly

4. Keep your elbows tucked in to throw straight punches

5. Aim for the soft spots

6. Make quick, compact strikes

7. Use more than your fists to win a fist fight

8. Always go forward, never retreat

9. Keep moving

10. Anticipate your opponent

11. Keep the fight off the ground

12. Calm down

Stand properly

Stand properly

Turn away from your opponent, turning a little around your side and focusing your non-dominating side on the person you have fought. If you are on the right, turn the left club to the opponent. Do not lean completely perpendicular to the torso, but eat with the dominant leg and hip. It makes you a thinner target and gives more power to matrixes.
Keep the center of gravity stable. Hold the weight at the back of the leg (right arm, if you’re on the right shoulder). If you encounter an opponent, they can easily be defeated. Lower your weight by spreading your legs perpendicular to your opponent and fighting.
Put your hands on your head, the dominant hand on the eye and the dominant effect on the beard. Hold your hands with your fists to fight or defend quickly.

Forearm Block

Martial artists often learn a number of blocks to protect themselves from impacts and strokes. The lower breath unit is used to prevent an aggressor by wounding his arm. Lower the forearm rug first by placing a fist in the ear and elbow. Turn the arm in the chest. The outer edge of the forearm should touch the attacker’s arm. The right time is important to effectively block the resulting rhythm. You can also use the forearm block as a cover against the support pin. Use this technique to force a shirt attack.

Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick

The roundhouse kick is a common fighting technique. This basket is especially popular in Taekwondo competitions. This fast and effective way can be deceptive and your opponent may not be able to find out where he is before it’s too late. To make this measure, lift your leg off the floor and bend your knees. Tilt horizontally to your destination with the help of a lift or your own ball. Rotate your hips and quickly lower your knees to create strength thanks to this technique. This stroke usually penetrates into the stomach or head. Raise the pedal to the highest level.

Make a fist correctly

Make a fist correctly

Wrap your thumb around your fingers, not your fists, not your fingers, as if you had a mistake in your hand you do not want to run away. Do not touch your hands so 12. Calm downward that you lose a turn, but hold it tight while casting a snail and shot, but when you defend. When people throw a fist on the mast, it’s usually because they point to the wrong part of the arm. The legs that aim at the target are the middle arm between the arrow between the letter and the inner finger.

Keep your elbows tucked in to throw straight punches

Keep your elbows tucked in to throw straight punches

Beginners send wild, free, uncontrollable mammals that have no power over them. You want to throw a linear blow between opponents, not a “round” blow. You do not play Street Fighter II, and you do not want to beat anyone with a flat duck that the other boy can easily handle. A powerful burial is your friend. [1]
Good hits come from the lower body and arm strength. When you get stamps, they will become much more powerful. Wear a strong bag full of strokes that come straight out of the body and do not turn your back in the bag while turning and blowing your hands.

Aim for the soft spots

Aim for the soft spots

Attempting to hit your opponent’s jaw or cheek with more damage. The face of the attacker, especially the nose, is the quietest and most painful place in which he can meet, but when he reaches his nose, he can fold. The body hits the edge of the string in front of the opponent, forcing him to lose the wind, which makes him very difficult to make. When they have a double face, their faces are open to further attack. Contractions around the neck, groin, and roads are also effective in the fight for your life. When you are friends in a box, you will not fight with mud, but remember the devastating blows when the fight is serious.

Make quick, compact strikes

Make quick, compact strikes

Do not defeat Rocky Wild, but choose your own places and make quick, sharp shots to achieve your goal. The winner is not necessarily the hunter who throws the most hits, but the hunter who has the most power in most strokes.
Make sure you continue. Imagine that you have reached the goal of about five inches and you want to defeat him.

Use more than your fists to win a fist fight

Use more than your fists

A headset is the most underestimated martial arts technique. If you build a strong part of your body – a hard top board – your opponent’s soft face – nose – the fight will end soon.
Formal sports events such as boxing or MMA, buttocks are illegal. However, if you defend against someone you have fought with, you should not spend time playing sporting rules.

Always go forward, never retreat

Always go forward

This is the most important part of the defense. Savings encourage the opponent to cross the garden and give a reciprocated impulse that ends the fall and loses the fight. Take a step forward when your opponent’s hit is less powerful and you probably will not fall. This will open your pages to push, so think about your litmus papers. Do not give up.

Keep moving

keep moving

Always keep your hands around your face if you do not want to stomp actively to avoid further blows. But you also want to keep moving, stopping and weaving to make the head as strong as possible. The more you move, the harder it reaches your face or neck.
Keep your legs as if you were sitting on hot coals and imagine that the blanket is just above your head and you have to turn around to avoid a headache.

Anticipate your opponent

Your typical striker will be two things: bad and right-handed. Both of them can be useful if you want to keep the target, count the wild blow with your right hand and end the fight early with a big, heavy blow to the throat or nose. Observe your legs and anticipate an attack. Most people retreat to the other side, which they want to use as an example: if they step in, they twist theirs.

Keep the fight off the ground

If you fight wisely, you will probably reach an opponent with many clever jumps, and your opponent will be disappointed and will try to fight you hopelessly. You never want to end the capture, so the opponent uses the ground as a weapon.
Always keep the center of gravity and drag to catch if your opponent does. Try to attack. If it has you on the ground, protect your face and consider your hair, eyesight or other quick methods to get rid of and break the handle.

Calm down

When you enter the first card, fear is one of the factors between winning and playing. Do not be afraid to reach. Your adrenaline will be so difficult that it will not last long, even if it breaks down. If you think about how bad your stomach will damage your nose, it will worsen even more. So do not fight with your fingers. Just fight

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