Magic In Your Mind Review – Does Bob Proctor’s Course Work?

The Magic in Your Mind teaches the magic by which men become free and begin to grow into the image they are meant to be.

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Magic In Your Mind

Magic In Your Mind Review

Magic In your Mind Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and Mary Morrissey have created a new programme called Magic in Your Mind. The following is the program’s focus, as stated on the sales page

We’ve been taught that intelligence and hard effort are the white and red blood cells of success. This is absolutely not the case. Both are admirable attributes, but none can help you go from where you are to where you want to be. When properly understood and implemented, your six mental faculties bridge that gap for you — they are designed to help you BE, DO, and HAVE more… The issue is that so many people don’t know how to use them.

Imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory, and reason are among the faculties discussed. The following is how the software is set up:

Each week, Bob and Mary will give you an audio coaching session on one of the six faculties. Each lesson delves into what each faculty is, how you can utilise it to improve your life, and how you may further develop it.

Every day, Sandy will send you a video lesson and an activity. The daily courses add to your understanding of, development of, and active use of each faculty by providing extra insights and particular strategies.

You will not only have developed one of your faculties by the end of each week, but you will also know when and how to apply it in a more successful and fulfilling manner.

It’s not about theory or wanting and hoping with this coaching programme. It’s about actively and consciously altering your thinking in order to live the life you desire right now.

What is Magic In Your Mind?

You must train and programme your subconscious mind to expect, demand, and attract these riches into your life in order to be successful. Magic in Your Mind is an excellent place to start when it comes to preparing your mind for wealth. Keep in mind that this is a process that needs time and practise to develop. That being stated, your world will change forever after you have successfully eliminated negative and restricting thoughts from your head. The good vibration you will send out into the universe will undoubtedly bring you success, and it is the cornerstone of every great accomplishment. Bob Proctor, in my opinion, is one of the finest motivators alive today, and his teachings have had a profound impact on my life. Magic in Your Mind is a great book to read whether you want to make more money or simply grow as a person.

Learn more about Your Mind’s Magic

Magic in your mind is something that transforms you into a real person. Magic in your mind is critical to recognise your true power.

Guidance is the most significant factor in increasing self-reliance in this case. Disinterest in the householder’s life does not imply abandoning it, but rather embracing saintly behaviour even while in the family. However, we can only serve and assist others if we have the power and ability to do so.

As a result, Magic in your mind is critical that we first enable ourselves. During the flight, during the safety briefing, it is said that if the air pressure is low in an unforeseen event, you should put on your oxygen mask first. Then consider the other’s assistance. You may have also encountered some people who are enraged to see others involved in an accident or in a bad position, but who are powerless to intervene. This circumstance only occurs when the person is not disinterested.

The issue in our world is that we see misery, but we frequently neglect to remember the joys we have experienced in our lives.

Benefits of Magic in Your Mind

The idea of accepting what we see in society has been around for quite some time. Magic in your mind’s difficult to get an average man out of it because we’re so engrossed in it. Today, we have begun to consume things in the pursuit of happiness, believing that the more things we have, the happier we would be and the more pleasant our lives will be.

Magic in your mind is the moment to put an end to the public’s confusion and seek true happiness. Whether you believe it or not, true happiness is not found in these things. True happiness comes from within, and the day we understand true happiness is the day we stop being angry or unhappy over little matters.

Magic in Your Mind Connects You With You

Magic in your mind you see, the majority of people are heavily influenced by their surroundings. They rely on their five senses, never thinking and simply digesting information from the environment. They allow television, social media, politics and economics, and all other sources of information to influence and govern their lives without challenging what they see or hear. They don’t consider whether or not they wish to accept or reject information from the surroundings. The vast majority of us simply let it settle in without giving it a second thought.

Magic in Your Mind is not, however, our fault that we are born into a broken system. It’s really no one’s fault, so let’s get back to the review. We are one with nature, and if you are one with nature and her laws, the sixth sense can work. Magic in Your Mind aids in the development of an inside awareness rather than an outer focus. Magic in Your Mind aids in the development of your sixth sense and the opening of doors to life achievement!

Importance of Mindset in our life

When Virat Kohli was asked at what level he practised and where he spent his time, he had a wonderful response: “If I devote 5% of my time to hard training in the gym, I devote 95% of my time to sharpening my mental strength” Magic in your mind.

Mindset has a huge impact on our lives; it is the way we think. We should always think positively so that nice thoughts enter our minds and we are motivated to do good activities. If we remove power from our account, the mind will do its own will, and we will not even notice when hazardous trees have grown in our minds.

It’s as simple as it seems to create magic in your mind. This group was created in such a way that you will progress from darkness to wisdom. This not only improves your inner self-awareness, but it also alters your attitude toward society. You approach things with optimism and hope, and you begin to investigate how something may influence a culture.

What an average individual can do in his or her life is very limited by whatever aim he or she sets for himself. If you discover the ultimate purpose of life, your mental process and behaviour will drastically change.


  • Allows you to interact with various people of the community, which helps you define your aim.
  • All classes are accessible via mobile device, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Discussions on various topics on a regular basis allow your thoughts to work toward your aim


  • To get the most out of the programme, we need your participation and execution.


I haven’t tried this programme yet, Magic in your mind although having read several of Bob Proctor’s books over the years. So I know I enjoy what he has to say and how he approaches success and progress. I’m not as familiar with Sandy Gallagher and Mary Morrisey as I am with Bob Proctor, but I’ve received letters and articles from Sandy, and she seems to be on the same page as Bob. They’ve even formed a joint venture, the Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

Magic in your mind have no reservations about endorsing any Bob Proctor product. The software is sold through Clickbank, which makes refunds a breeze if you aren’t happy with it.

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