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While Donna Eden has a few books out there on Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine, this is going to be a review of her Mindvalley course called, appropriately, Energy Medicine. Before I talk about my experience with this course by Donna Eden and her husband, allow me to discuss what led me to become interested in Energy Medicine in the first location.

Product Name: Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine

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Mindvalley's Energy Medicine Review

Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Review

For anyone in pain, Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Healing may be the answer you have been looking for. The company has been around for a few years helping those who have suffered injuries heal more effectively and at a faster rate than with traditional medicine. Donna Eden is the president of the organization and she has been treating injured individuals for a long time with this particular form of energy medicine. She explains, “When you are hurt, your body needs to release toxins in the form of either physical or emotional pain. Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine therapy treats these toxins and then aids your body in getting rid of them so you can begin to heal.”

This is part of a larger mind-body wellness program. They have many clinics in different cities across America that treat various injuries and ailments with the use of energy medicine. Donna Eden says that her patients experience major improvements after their first session. She goes on to explain, “What you will feel during your first session is a tingling sensation which gradually gets stronger until it becomes painful. After experiencing this, most clients have reported an increase in energy, their mood swings dissipate, and they start to feel better about themselves.”

What is Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Review?

Donna Eden believes that there are many factors that play into why one has an injury or why they are experiencing pain. She says, “We believe that the body can heal itself, but it takes the right tools with Mindvals Healing to do so. We combine mind and body wellness techniques with other proven holistic healing techniques to create an all natural, highly effective program that will help you get rid of your pain and increase the amount of energy you have throughout the day.”

Mindvalley's Energy Medicine Class

Donna Eden believes in the power of holistic healing and she wants others to join her company. She has trained with some of the world’s greatest healers and she wants to share her knowledge with the readers of her Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Review. Her belief in holistic healing is one that she has lived by since she was a young girl. She received her healing diploma from the University of San Diego College of Health Sciences.

How does Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Review Works?

The reason why Energy Medication is the best option for you is that vitality is shared by both the patients and the medication in this situation.

You can lift your spirits and find a cure for your ailments by addressing and coordinating vitality as medication in a compelling manner. Simultaneously, as a patient, vitality can help you rejuvenate your energies that have become upset or are feeble. You can also repair and balance your body.

Energy Medication serves as a framework for both self-improvement and self-care, as well as a correlative way to deal with clinical consideration. It tends to progress from physical ailment to mental or emotional confusion, and then to top-level wellbeing and superiority.

What you Learn From

  • How to Find a new way to heal, giving you a way to fend off Disease, Pain, and Sickness
  • the Way to intuitively understand what your body wants and Desires, Communication with your energies in a way you haven’t before
  • The Best Way to explore the patterns and systems of energies in your body, Knowing a deeper level yourself beyond the physical self
  • the Way to naturally improve your body’s immune system and more effectively protect yourself in the pollutants and Substances you encounter Regular
  • How to understand your causes of stress and pain, and Thus recover more quickly than before
  • The Way to Eliminate the blocks on your energetic systems that are leading to illnesses, thus tackling pain at the root of the problem
  • How to give yourself a Healthier and Longer lifespan over the Years by removing the blocks and stressors weighing down You
  • How to slow down as Well as slightly reverse the natural aging process, becoming a Fitter version of yourself Later than you ever were in the past
Mindvalley's Energy Medicine


  • Energy medicine is both a complement to other health care approaches and a complete system of self-care and self-help.
  • It can address physical illness and psychological or psychological disorders.
  • In addition it can also promote a high-level wellness and peak performance. You cure the body by activating its natural healing energies.
  • Also by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.


  • It’s taught me a huge lesson never to purchase instant books again.
  • The book had many pages which had been highlighted with felt pen! A big let down.
  • It will cost me more money
Mindvalley's Energy Medicine Terms


What I like about Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine is that it is a natural product. There are no additives or anything else added to it that will leave you with a negative feeling. Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine uses essential oils like jojoba and Rosemary for the massage and it relaxes the mind, body, and soul. The review I did of the program gave me the feeling that this type of massage therapy will work for anyone.

So my review of Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine has been that it works to ease your mind and body and gives you a new sense of overall well being. It doesn’t hurt your body and doesn’t have any harmful side effects. It works as advertised. You can take the medicine as often as you want. This is a program I would recommend if you feel chronic pain in any part of your body or you just need a good massage.


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