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Combine Acclaimed Lucid Dreaming Expert Charlie Morley About A 30-Day Adventure As You Discover How To Gain Powerful Insights, Heal Your Subconscious Blocks, And Perform In Your Peak By Accessing The World’s Most Powerful Virtual Reality Simulator

Product Name: Mindvalleys Experience Lucid Dreaming

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Mindvalleys Experience Lucid Dreaming Review

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by dreams. I’ve kept a dream journal, interpreted my dreams, and influenced my waking life with my dreams. I’ve also experienced a few lucid dreams, some of which were quite powerful and others which were more fun and allowed me to experiment with them. This is why I was ecstatic when Mindvalley hired Charlie Morley for the Experience Lucid Dreaming quest. So, with all of my dream interpretation and even lucid dreaming experience, did I enjoy the quest? This was a trip that my husband and I took together. Here’s what I had to say about it. I’d already read one of his books, but nothing compares to hearing him speak about dreaming and lucid dreaming in person.

He’s sincere and enthusiastic about the subject, and it’s a pleasure to learn from him. He clearly explains everything and provides numerous examples to support his points. It’s difficult not to be as enthusiastic as he is about lucid dreaming and dreaming in general. I know this because my spouse adored him and everything he taught. I was already enthusiastic to learn more about lucid dreaming (though I wasn’t sure how much more I could learn given how long I’d been studying it), but my husband, who was intrigued but not enthralled by the search, became enthralled by his dreams.

What is Mindvalleys Experience Lucid Dreaming Review?

To clarify the difference between Lucid dreaming and astral projection, there is a lot of common ground between the two. Both are completely different experiences. Lucid dreaming involves our physical senses and physical objects. On the other hand, astral projection is when the mind leaves the body.

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There is also a distinction between the two that is largely dependent on the way we learn to control our astral experiences. The purpose of the program is to train people to improve their ability to have lucid dreams. Mindvalley users report having more lucid dreams and even complete sensory control during their Lucid dreams than they ever had before.

How does Mindvalleys Experience Lucid Dreaming Review works?

The Mindvalley program teaches that dreams are not random but are designed to help us achieve certain things. Lucid dreaming is designed to fulfill certain purposes. For example, the Mindvalley program teaches that the purpose of our dreams is to facilitate spiritual growth. When we have an epiphany, or a realization about our life, we are said to be “seeing through a glass darkly.” This is what we are trying to do in the course of our lucid dreaming. We are trying to transcend the limits of our physical reality and move into a much higher state of awareness.


People have reported visiting the White House, meeting the President of the United States, and visiting their own funeral. Lucid dreaming does not mean you’ll be walking through time and visiting the distant future. It does mean you can control your future, and this ability is called astral projection. Most people who practice astral projection claim that they never intend to take control of this power, nor do they plan to use it for evil. The practice is simply a way for some to enhance their awareness and creativity.

What will Learn form Mindvalleys Experience Lucid Dreaming ?

  • Remember Your Dreams Using Crystal-Clear Clarity:
    Dream recall is one of the pillars of effective lucid dreaming – and by subsequent Charlie’s steps, you will acquire an almost photographic dream memory, which you may use to interpret your dreams with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Become More Self-Aware:
    Throughout your lucid dreams, you will uncover the truths and deeper meaning behind your emotions, motivations, and lifestyle choices – that you can subsequently channel towards better choices, better self-control, and deeper self. Collective consciousness, God, Higher Intelligence – whatever a religious link means to you, you’ll gain the means to get it through your lucid dreams, and use it for strength and guidance.
  • Learn Your Subconscious Mind:
    You will find how to harness lucid dreaming to get parts of your subconscious thoughts that are normally hidden to you. Here you’ll find deep personal truths and realizations which lead you to a deeper comprehension of your authentic self.
  • Explore Your Shadow Self:
    You will gain tools and methods for exploring your shadow self out of a space of safety and relaxation. This is a vital measure for embracing your wholeness, also giving yourself the gift of unconditional love.
  • Conquer Your Fears & Anxiety:
    Sheer willpower or guts won’t even be necessary as soon as you apply lucid dreaming about reframe your fears and nervousness. Through the energy of your dreams, you’ll be empowered to rise above them smoothly and naturally.
  • Link With Your Higher Self:
    Discover your unique purpose, chart your path in life, and reconnect with what makes you feel truly alive. By meeting your Higher Self in your lucid dreams, you will gain the foundation to create a lifetime of beautiful fulfillment and authenticity.


  • The videos are engaging and created by talented film-makers and learning pros
  • The library includes classes on valuable topics that may really be applied in peoples’ life.
  • It is possible to discuss your Mindvalley accounts with members of your household.
  • New quests are continuously being added at no expense to existing members. At this time, there are a few upcoming quests I’m genuinely excited about.
  • If you are willing to pay the price, you will find enjoyable, luxurious networking occasions.
  • There are free classes available on the website.


  • The expense of individual classes is almost as much as the total cost of this All-Access Pass.
  • Some videos are too short.
  • Few premium quests, such as Lifebook Online and Unlimited Abundance aren’t included in the All-Access Pass.
  • At the moment, there is not any offline listening. Mindvalley is presently working to correct this.


If you are interested in learning how to have an out of body experience, then you may be interested in trying your hand at lucid dreaming. The system teaches that you don’t have to use an astral projection machine to have an out of body experience. All you need is your own imagination and a good set of skills, which you can learn from the program.

If you would like to travel with someone else, or learn how to astral travel, the system can show you how to do both. The techniques that are taught to you by the Mindvalley program are meant for individuals who are fairly new to the world of astral projection. However, after you master the techniques that the program teaches, you may find that you have a lot more experience than you did before. Whether you are just getting started with astral travel or you are looking to hone your skills in the world of astral travel, the Mindvalley program can help you out.


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