Mindvalley’s Experience Lucid Dreaming Review – Strengthen The Faith!


Recently I had an opportunity to speak with Joe Vitale, a world-renowned cognitive behavioral therapist and psychologist. We discussed Mindvalley’s Experience, his newest book which delves deeply into how our personal experiences, beliefs and patterns influence our ability to create success in every aspect of life. In this comprehensive review of Mindvalley’s Experience, I’ll outline the keys to creating a stronger connection between your highest aspirations and the reality of daily life.

In his book, Vitale shares that his goal is to present readers with the “experience stored” within their unconscious mind. As he says: “What experience can you access and make part of your everyday life?” What if you could experience your desires as though they were already a reality? What if your thoughts led you down a path of predetermined outcomes, instead of a path of lessened desires? What if you knew instinctively what was coming before you even consciously thought about it? The answers to these questions will lead you on a journey towards achieving greater success in all areas of your life.

Mindvalley's Experience Lucid Dreaming Review

The purpose of Mindvals is not to teach you how to lucid dream, but to show you how to use those dreams to help you create a deeper understanding of the Self. He does this by teaching you to use “clear thought alone” to create change in your life. When you use clear thought alone to create changes, you are putting into action the very thing you want to experience. You don’t need to go beyond your conscious mind to accomplish anything, because you already have access to the information contained there. This is the true power of thought: by using it to direct your goals, you can direct your experience!

Mindvalley’s Experience Lucid Dreaming Review

If you’ve ever had a vision or felt like something was trapped in your head, that you had to keep looking, then you have used the power of thought. Your subconscious mind does everything for you, from deciding what to focus on to where to look when you want to see something. That which you do consciously gets put into your life. So when you want to experience things that are more exciting and meaningful, remember that you have more power than you realize. Use clear thought to manifest more of what you want in your life!

One of the most important lessons Mindvals teaches is that you have the ability to direct the course of your physical existence. When you put a thought into action, you can have a completely different effect. The more control you have over your mind, the more you can change the way you experience your life. Instead of focusing on negative things, you can use your mind to manifest more opportunities for good in your life.

Another great lesson is that you don’t need to be a certain type of person to manifest with Mindvals. You can experience lucid dreams of anyone, regardless of how they act or what their past might be like. You can be whoever you want to be, and your goals and desires are always open for you. When you understand that your thoughts create your reality, you open yourself up to a world filled with more possibilities than you probably ever thought possible.

Mindvalley’s Experience Lucid Dreaming Download

By learning how to direct your own intentions, and by living each intention perfectly every day, you can learn how to manifest abundance. Everything that you attract comes to you because you focused a clear thought and created the proper circumstances. That’s not magic; it is just the Law of Attraction at work.

Mindvalley's Experience Lucid Dreaming

Mindvals can help you take control of the thoughts that you experience so that they direct the way you experience your life. As you continue to learn more about the Law of Attraction, you will begin to see how easy it is to direct your own reality. By creating the right circumstances with your thoughts, you can live your life with less struggle and more money. You will learn how to create any kind of situation that you desire, including lucid dreams. Once you have experienced a lucid dream, you can repeat that experience as many times as you wish, until you feel relaxed and confident that you will have an amazing outcome each time you lucid dream.

In Mindvalley’s Experience, Lucid Dreaming Techniques for Metaphors, Lucid Dreaming for Healing, and The Missing Mirror (affiliate link), she teaches how to solve problems from our own perspective rather than being solution-oriented. Mindvalley explains in these books, how to identify our own unconscious needs and desires, and how to harmonize those needs and desires with our higher self, so that we can also strengthen the self. That is, if we want to solve problems, then we need to know how to solve them from the perspective of the higher self, and not from our own personal perspectives. We are all part of one unified experience, and by learning and applying the same spiritual techniques taught by Gerald Heard and others in the “Knowledge” series, we can bring our individual perspectives into the fold of that larger whole.

Mindvalley’s Experience Lucid Dreaming Thoughts

I’ve always had a difficult time dealing with reality. It felt like everything was at odds with each other, and all that combined was an impossible puzzle that I couldn’t see clearly enough to work through. However, when I read Mindvalley’s book, I realized that it was all in my head. She had captured my experience for me in the form of words and taught me that there is only one reality: the reality of the mind. And thus, all my problems were simply an illusion that was creating a self-illusory scenario in my head.

Mindfulness is the way to deal with the reality of thoughts. Mindfulness is seeing things from a distance and observing without judging, labeling, or trying to direct these thoughts. Mindfulness helps us make room for transformation instead of converting our experience to our ideas. Mindfulness helps us balance our lives between thought and reality, so that we can deal with both parts equally and experience both simultaneously. Once we’re able to do this successfully, we’ll have more insight into ourselves and be better equipped to control our experience during the astral plane.

Mindvalley’s book teaches how to enter a lucid dreaming state through hypnosis. Mindfulness is the very first step you need to take to enable you to go into a lucid dreaming state at will, without any effort on your part. Mindfulness also enables you to fully appreciate your own and other people’s dreams so that you can learn from them.

Mindvalley’s Experience Lucid Dreaming Quest

Mindfulness encourages you to look deeply into your own thinking as well as the thinking of others so that you can gain insight into your life and in turn create a richer, fuller life for yourself. When you are mindful of your thoughts, you tend to think less about the negative ones, and more about the positive ones. You learn to appreciate all thoughts, no matter how unpleasant they may seem at times. Mindfulness will transform your experience in life, and it’s possible to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Mindvalley's Experience Lucid Dreaming Wisdom

There are many different ways to achieve this state of consciousness, but Mindvalley’s method is probably the easiest. It involves simply sitting comfortably in a dark, quiet room, closing your eyes, and trying to clear your mind of all thoughts. In order to achieve the ultimate experience, you should try to do this twenty or thirty times each day. Even a few times per week should greatly enhance your experience of the astral plane.

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