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Multipurpose Survival Kit



The survival kit is a package of emergency assistance designed for immediate survival, basic tools and accessories. Civilian and military aircraft, lifeboats and spacecraft are equipped with survival kits. Survival kits, of varying sizes, are the accessories and tools to provide the surviving key protection against the elements, help him to keep warm, meet the basic health and needs of first aid, provide food and water signaling scarves and aid finding on the way road. Back to the rescue. Delivery to Survival Kit is usually a knife, a match, a pint, a first aid kit, a handkerchief, fish hooks, a sewing kit, and a flashlight.

survival kit

Civilian populations, such as forest workers, inspectors or shrubs, pilots working in remote areas or regions with extreme climatic conditions can also be equipped with survival kits. Disaster resources are also happening at hand by those who live in areas that are prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters. For the average citizen to perform disaster preparedness, some cities will be lived by survival camps, so that stocks are kept unmaintained.


1. Multi-Tool With Belt Sheath

2. Machete

3. Parachute Cord

4. Duct Tape

5. Dental Floss

6. Small Diameter Wire

7. Plastic Sheet

8. Mylar Survival (Space) Blanket

9. Wax Candles

10. Heavy-Duty Ziploc Bags

11. Heavy-Duty Paper Towels

12. Flammable Food

Multi-Tool With Belt Sheath


This is one of the most important elements in the collection. Although the accessories are varied, a good Multi-tool can be tweezers, wire cutting, wire pullers, multiple sheets, cans/bottle openers, various screwdrivers, nutriders, scissors, tweezers, rulers, AWL, etc.


Although not very compact, a machete is lighter than most axes and serves more goals. If the kit includes a machete and multi-tool, you don’t need an ax or a knife. The only feature has lost this hammer removal on most axles at the end, but sticks or stones will work well for most hammer blows in survival situations.


The leaves consist of different types of metals and alloys, at different temperatures and thicknesses, widths, lengths, style, and shape. The handles are made of many different materials in different shapes and sizes. A good survival machete becomes a semi-flexible sheet of 18 inches or longer, which is easy to sharpen any good edge to incorporate with moderate use. First of all, the grip must be comfortable and fit snugly into your hand. With a machete, you can perform any task that can be done with a big knife or ax. It can also be used for digging or prating or as a huge weapon. Install and use a leash on your hand when you Chop or swing machete.

Parachute Cordparachute cord

The most common parachute cable which strength 550 pounds. This is much more severe than what is necessary for most survival. This line has a diameter of 4 mm. It sounds like much, but it adds. A lower wire diameter with a tensile strength of 200-250 pounds is sufficient and has half the weight. Use and construction of dwellings, as well as useful camping furniture, clothing and repair equipment, or as supporting materials for the storage of goods and carriage of goods, wood bales, branches, tubes or shoulder underwear, pull dead branches of wood Fuel, trunk ligaments, belts, hoses and traps, “burglars ” alarm system, mandatory rails and safe dressings in place, assisted Starter material… The list is long. Please enter 30 or more. ”

Duct Tapeduct tape

Get a good heavy roll brand name. Use it to repair clothes, shoes, tools, and equipment to build shelves, furniture, and utensils. Use it to reduce hot rubbing spots on your feet to prevent blisters, and wrap hands as improvised gloves. Turn “Rope ” if necessary, which is good for making snow rackets. He also makes a good mouse trap and Fire Starter.

Dental Flossdental-floss

The redness of a paraffin tooth can be invaluable. While it is important to maintain good oral hygiene, it can also serve other purposes such as minor repair items, sewing and sewing clothes, shoes, and even leather, tools and pistols, or using them as monofilaments.

Small Diameter Wiresmall dimension wire

Can be galvanized, made of stainless steel or copper. The more flexible the better. Use it to repair your equipment, add sling and traps rather than a bonfire to fit the pot with meat and cook other foods over the fire. The Grill or “Toaster ” may have a thread.

Plastic Sheet
plasic sheet

A black 6mil heavy-duty sheet 6’x8′ or larger. Like a wind block, lean-to, protective roof, rain fly, the floor between, ceiling or poncho, and protect your equipment and clothing from rain, snow, and dew. It is used to collect and store water so that the sun continues. Black color absorbs sunlight, causing heat to keep warm and create more water faster than translucent plastic when it is still used as solar energy and may be more prominent for lifeguards in some Areas and conditions.

Mylar Survival (Space) Blanket


The reflective features of the ceiling room are the ideal place to reflect the heat of the body to you or the heat light to you or your hideout. Along with the plastic panel, there are many combinations and configurations that can be added to shelter and bedding. The smoke rug is shiny as the aluminum foil on at least one side, which is good for the rescuer alarm in sunny conditions.

Wax Candles


Use lighting, heat, cooking, lighting or alarm at night. The molten wax can be used in leather Seal shoes, thighs, knees and sits in cotton pants. During the “re Season ” In the lemongrass candle an insect bump. Once dry from the water and mouth, chewing on a disposable wax will produce saliva, and can help to curb hunger aches and pains. The activity of chewing helps to flow the blood to the scalp, which can lead to a more attentive brain that is a good survival situation.

Heavy-Duty Ziploc Bags


Bags of one or two liters are ideal for packing clothing, food, toilets, and other equipment. It is used to collect and protect water. Gallon bags can be carried through socks to keep your feet dry, or hat or head to keep your head dry. Sandwich bags are ideal for storing smaller items. Obsolete bags may be used.

Heavy-Duty Paper Towelstowel

Paper towels are not only suitable for the obvious purpose of finding them every day, but also to other jobs such as; Note. Paper and dressings, drinking water and toilet paper filter sludge.

Flammable Foodflammable food

Fritos and snack crisps are the best choice. Although not the healthiest food, there will still be fuel in the body, and a much-needed salt that helps prevent muscle spasms. Fritos and chips are highly flammable. Use 2 or 3 as bids, or to illuminate the entire single portion of the bag quickly in wet conditions.

When mounting an assembly, think about other programs that the element can serve or other elements that can serve its purpose. Consolidation to eliminate the need for certain single-function components to reduce weight and required space. Mount your equipment According to your needs, but keep it simple and slim with multifunctional survival devices and take care of your next survival situation.

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