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Piano For All will be well worth the effort. It provides a solid foundation and teaches everything you need to play the keyboard.

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Piano For All Review

In addition to conventional lessons, it offers information on how to purchase and construct a piano, provide lessons in improvisation and blues, and provides links and resources for building a private practice space. You can download your lessons on iPod, iPhone or Blackberry and practice anytime, anywhere. It gives you everything you need to learn to play the piano like a pro.

If you’re looking to learn the basics of reading and writing music, and study contemporary compositions, then Piano For All has some of the most popular lessons, which will teach you finger style technique, reading theory and advanced harmony. The eBook includes “The ABC’s of Music” which teaches you to read sheet music by finger position. “Books I Love: Four Great Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners” provides easy tabs for popular songs, which you can play and study at home. Other great resources are lessons in rhythm and timing, chord construction and chord extensions, improvisation, song structure and signature riffs.

What Is Piano For All?

Piano For All is an online non-profit educational program designed to teach you how to play almost all styles of piano.With “Books I Love: Four Great Blues Guitar Songs for Beginners,” you’ll learn to play one of your favorite guitar songs in rhythm style, using metronome exercises. The book includes a guitar chord chart, written instructions for each section and a PDF file that you can print out. If you have basic guitar knowledge, you probably won’t have any problems with this book.

The eBook “Books I Love: Four Great Blues Guitar Songs for Beginners” focuses on the basics of playing the blues. The book has a simple design, with a clean layout and well-defined color illustrations. Although this is a basic book, there is no question that the author has done an excellent job of presenting the material. The focus is on the beginner to intermediate blues guitar learning. You will learn to build your finger strength, dexterity and precision, while expanding your understanding of the blues through song practice using the method taught in this book.

How Does Piano For All Work?

Four Great Blues Guitar Songs for Beginners” provides similar instruction for beginners who want to learn the basics of playing the blues. However, it goes beyond just learning the basic chords and picking techniques by providing tab sheets for the songs included in the lesson. If you do a good job of learning from tab, you can play most of these songs in time. If you find that you are having trouble getting the handwork down in time, check out this video review of the book. You will hear one of the songs that you will need to familiarize yourself with before trying to go into more complicated territory. After you have learned the song, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you start playing.

“Just The Key” provides a solution for those who find themselves pressed for time while attempting to learn how to play simple blues. This book makes learning this genre of music as quick and easy as possible, by providing the tabs for just the chords and melody that you will need. This way, you do not have to worry about finding the right sheet music or about spending hours of practice trying to figure it all out. Instead, you can get right into the groove with this pianoforall lesson.

What Is Inside Piano For All?

Party Time – This book is the first to introduce you to the piano and the Piano for All program. It explains the importance of learning the rhythms and chords in order to be able to compose melody. Book 1 introduces the basics of chords and teaches you how to play them. You will also learn musical notation. The first books will teach you how to play 10 party rhythms as well as a ballad. You will find keyboard diagrams, useful tips, and tricks to help you play upbeat music at parties. You’ll be able play popular songs’ chords and rhythms by the end of the first book.

Blue and Rock ‘N Roll – After you have learned the basics and are familiar with the rhythms, the second book will teach you how to play blues rhythms. It stresses the importance of practicing left-hand rhythms over right-hand rhythms. The book introduces the 5 blues rhythms and 12 bar blues in every key. These rhythms are a part hundreds of great songs. This book will help you learn tunes from some of the greatest pianists, such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino.

Chord Magic – Book is slightly heavier than the other books. This book teaches chords for all keys of the keyboard, as well as their inversions. This book also contains a great memory trick that will help you recall all the information you have just read. Book 3 also includes the concept of the ‘cycle of fives’, which encourages you practice all keys and teaches you how to relate them. This helps you to understand the music structure.

Advanced Chords Made Easy – This book teaches you how to play chords using chord symbols found in songbooks. This book will take you to the next level, and teach you advanced chords and concepts.

Ballad Style – The book Ballad Style explores the ballad-style of playing the piano. It offers a step-by–step guide that will help you create your own songs. You will be encouraged to play with the pentatonic and left-hand chords. Book 5 is about learning how to improvise and left-hand patterns. This is the moment you can unleash your creativity.

All That Jazz and Blues – All That Jazz and Blues is the foundation for jazz and blues. Instead of learning complex rhythms by reading them, you can listen to audio lessons and then copy them. This book will walk you through each of the four keys to jazz, and give you great tips that will allow you to improvise and improve your playing. Book 6 will teach you everything about jazz music, and help you play amazing jazz tunes on the piano.

Advance Blues and Fake Stride – This book will take you further with the blues. This book teaches you how to improvise on the knowledge that you have and create new music. The second book in the series 7 teaches you how to stride piano.

Taming the Classics – This series focuses on improving your grasp and understanding of classic tones. It also teaches you how you can master classical melodies. This book is a large part based on sheet music. It teaches you how to read and practice sheet music, as well as the musical notation and key signatures.

Speed Learning – The final book in the series will teach you memory tricks and other techniques that can be used to help you learn faster.


  • This program ensures that both hands are used. You should never use one hand more than the other.
  • Piano for All’s creator is an expert pianist. He has extensive experience in all styles of piano playing.
  • These 10 books contain a wealth of useful and informative lessons that will be of great help to you.
  • You can move at your own pace and fit it into your life wherever you are.
  • You get high-quality content at a very reasonable price.
  • Video and audio clips can be used as a guide for the books.
  • Learning chords is a key focus of the program. It is essential to know chords, especially if you are looking to join a band and/or be part of an orchestra.
  • You will notice the results if you put your efforts into practice.


  • You won’t see the results if you don’t practice.
  • It is possible that you are someone who learns more from traditional lessons.


If you want to learn some of the more advanced playing techniques for the blues, such as fingerpicking or Sweep picking, this book one provides you with the tabs for those styles as well. If you really want to master the techniques used in this genre of music, it is important to keep up with some of the more advanced methods being used today. “Just the Key” will teach you everything you need to know in order to do that. It also includes a bonus section that offers other resources that can help you learn some of the tricks used in this music form as well.

If you love the blues, but are having trouble getting your arms in the proper position to execute them, you might benefit from using this book one for your personal needs. If you have a busy schedule that prevents you from sitting down to learn pianoforall, you might be able to fit in a weekly practice time here or there throughout your day. You can even make this a “fermentary” time for yourself, by scheduling sessions during times when you are less likely to be interrupted by other things. Whatever your personal situation is, this book one will surely suit your needs.


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