RingHush Review: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Natural Tinnitus Relief Supplement


In this comprehensive RingHush review, we delve into the effectiveness, ingredients, benefits, and drawbacks of this natural tinnitus relief supplement. Discover how it claims to address hearing problems and promote overall ear health, along with the science behind its formulation.

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It can be incredibly frustrating when you struggle to hear what’s happening around you. Unfortunately, hearing impairment affects a significant portion of the population, with nearly 25% of older individuals experiencing some form of hearing loss. However, hearing problems can affect people of all ages, and approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 20 and 69 suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2050, about 2.5 billion people will experience tinnitus, and over 1 billion young adults are at risk of lifelong hearing loss due to harmful listening practices. While there is no approved dietary supplement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of tinnitus, some individuals believe that herbal vitamins can provide relief. One such supplement is Ring Hush, which claims to treat tinnitus using a unique herbal formulation.

What is Ring Hush?

Ring Hush, developed by Mark Whittle, is a powerful supplement that aims to heal tinnitus by reducing harmful cell inflammation. It not only helps decrease ringing in the ears but also restores youthful hearing and strengthens brain cells. Additionally, Ring Hush claims to protect against memory-related illnesses, promote a healthy heart, enhance memory and concentration, and increase energy levels.

How Ring Hush Works

According to Mark, the creator of Ring Hush, chronic tinnitus and hearing loss are not problems originating in the ears themselves. Instead, they are believed to be caused by a toxin produced by bacteria that can penetrate the strong brain barrier and damage synapses. These hearing problems may be warning signs of more serious brain-related conditions. To counter this issue, Mark formulated Ring Hush with a potent combination of psyllium husk, bentonite clay, and glucomannan root. By doing so, he claims that the supplement can eliminate the toxin and improve both tinnitus and hearing health. Ring Hush also includes oat bran and apple pectin, which positively impact brain and memory function by strengthening nerve cells and improving concentration.

Ingredients of Ring Hush

Ring Hush utilizes a blend of ten carefully selected plant extracts, herbs, and vitamins that have been clinically shown to restore ear health and alleviate tinnitus. Let’s take a closer look at the natural extracts and their advantages:


Flaxseeds are exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been demonstrated to have a beneficial effect on brain function. Studies suggest that this herb can improve brain function even in individuals with existing brain or neural disorders.

Psyllium Husk

Numerous well-conducted studies have shown that psyllium husk can alleviate constipation. When combined with water, it swells and provides additional volume, encouraging the intestines to contract and accelerating the movement of feces through the digestive tract. It is commonly used as a laxative in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years and possesses remarkable cleansing and protective properties for the skin. When mixed with water, it forms a paste that some individuals use for medical or aesthetic purposes, such as treating rashes and acne or as a hair mask. Recent studies indicate that it can eliminate pesticides and treat metal toxicity. Additionally, it exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber often added as an emulsifier and thickening agent in various dishes. It slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates, helping regulate blood sugar levels after a meal. It also delays stomach emptying, allowing you to feel full for a longer duration.

Oat Bran

Oat bran is considered a superfood due to its high nutritional density and fiber content. It provides essential vitamins, minerals,

fiber, and antioxidants. Oats and oatmeal, including oat bran, have been studied extensively and have been found to offer numerous health benefits. These include weight loss, reduced glycemic levels, and a low risk of cardiovascular disease.

Apple Pectin

Pectin is a special form of soluble fiber that may have multiple health benefits. It has been associated with improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure regulation, gut health, and bowel stability. However, more research is needed to fully understand and confirm these effects. When pectin combines with water in the intestinal tract, it forms a gel-like substance that can facilitate bowel movements.

Comprehensive Benefits of Ring Hush

Ring Hush claims to provide comprehensive benefits for individuals seeking relief from tinnitus and hearing loss. The combination of carefully selected ingredients aims to address the underlying causes of these conditions and promote overall ear and brain health. The claimed benefits of Ring Hush include:

  • Reduction of tinnitus symptoms: Ring Hush aims to reduce the ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears associated with tinnitus.
  • Restoration of youthful hearing: The supplement claims to improve hearing abilities, allowing individuals to regain their auditory acuity.
  • Strengthening of brain cells: By addressing harmful cell inflammation, Ring Hush is said to support the health and functioning of brain cells.
  • Protection against memory-related illnesses: Ring Hush claims to have properties that protect against memory-related conditions, such as memory loss and dementia.
  • Promotion of a healthy heart: Some ingredients in Ring Hush, such as flaxseed, may contribute to heart health.
  • Enhanced memory and concentration: The supplement includes oat bran and apple pectin, which are believed to positively impact brain function, including memory and concentration.
  • Increased energy levels: Ring Hush aims to boost energy levels, potentially resulting in improved overall well-being.

Science Behind Ring Hush

While Ring Hush claims to be effective in treating tinnitus and hearing loss, it is important to note that the supplement has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The scientific evidence supporting the specific formulation of Ring Hush is not available, and further research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.

However, some of the individual ingredients in Ring Hush have been studied for their potential health benefits. For example, omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed have been associated with brain health and function. Psyllium husk has been shown to alleviate constipation, and bentonite clay exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Glucomannan is known for its potential to regulate blood sugar levels and promote satiety.

While these individual ingredients show promise, their effectiveness in combination and their specific impact on tinnitus and hearing loss requires further scientific investigation.

Price and Availability

Ring Hush is exclusively available for purchase through the official website. This is done to ensure that customers receive genuine products and avoid counterfeit items from fraudulent sellers. The pricing options for Ring Hush are as follows:

  • 1 bottle of Ring Hush: $69 each
  • 3 bottles of Ring Hush: $59 each
  • 6 bottles of Ring Hush: $49 each

Purchasing multiple bottles from the official website not only ensures authenticity but also provides cost savings. Additionally, customers who purchase two or more bottles are eligible for free shipping.

Ring Hush comes with a two-month money-back guarantee, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. However, it is recommended to give the supplement sufficient time to work before reaching a conclusion. If unsatisfied with the purchase, customers can initiate the refund process by contacting customer care.

Pros of Ring Hush

  • Natural formula: Ring Hush claims to use a blend of natural plant extracts, herbs, and vitamins, which may be safer for long-term use compared to pharmaceutical options.
  • Targeted approach: The supplement targets the underlying causes of tinnitus and hearing loss, aiming to provide comprehensive relief and improve overall ear health.
  • Potential brain and memory benefits: Ring Hush includes ingredients such as oat bran and apple pectin, which may have positive effects on brain function, memory, and concentration.
  • Reported reduction in tinnitus symptoms: Some users have reported a decrease in the intensity of ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears after using Ring Hush.
  • Ease of use: Ring Hush is available in capsule form, making it convenient and easy to incorporate into daily routines.
  • Money-back guarantee: The manufacturer offers a two-month money-back guarantee, allowing customers to try the product risk-free.
  • Availability: Ring Hush can be purchased online through the official website, ensuring access to the genuine product.
  • Cost savings: Buying multiple bottles of Ring Hush from the official website can result in savings, and customers purchasing two or more bottles also receive free shipping.

Cons of Ring Hush

  • Lack of FDA approval: Ring Hush has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for the treatment of tinnitus or hearing loss. The scientific evidence supporting its efficacy is limited.
  • Individual results may vary: The effectiveness of Ring Hush may vary from person to person, depending on the severity of their condition and other individual factors.


Ring Hush is a natural supplement designed to address tinnitus and hearing loss by targeting the underlying causes of these conditions. Although it claims to provide comprehensive benefits and has a formulation of carefully selected herbal extracts and vitamins, it is important to note that the specific scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is limited. While individual ingredients in Ring Hush have shown promise for certain health benefits, more research is needed to validate the supplement’s claims.

If you are experiencing tinnitus or hearing loss, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause and explore potential treatment options. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific needs and medical history.

While Ring Hush offers a money-back guarantee and is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, it is essential to approach dietary supplements with caution and make informed decisions about their use. Taking steps to protect your hearing and overall health, such as avoiding loud noises, practicing safe listening habits, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can also contribute to better ear health.


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