Subliminal Guru Review: Does It Really Work? Truth Revealed

Does Subliminal Guru Code Review Really Work? Subliminal Guru Or Is It Just Another Hyped Up program? Find all the details in this Honest Review

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Subliminal Guru Review

The subconscious is a huge experience, thoughts, and beliefs that can not enter consciousness. However, these thoughts and beliefs in the shade affect our daily lives, experiences, and behavior. How can we get rid of the subconscious about the negative programming of mind? Or maybe you are adding at least some positive subconscious messages to the subconscious to overcome any negative unconscious messages that may remain there? In this way, we can have good and positive tendencies in our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences at least most of the time. Subliminal Guru claims that they offer happiness, success, and health through subliminal messages that affect people’s help. Our Subliminal Guru report shows that there is a site with over 350 individual sub-sway MP3 files, users can use their habits to change their thoughts and negative habits. Who wants to eliminate negative habits or restrictive beliefs and develop positive and hypocritical beliefs and habits that will benefit from reports on the site.

What is Subliminal Guru?

This is a marketplace where you can buy subliminal audio tracks to help you better your life in any way. They tracks provide you the mental boost and ongoing Subliminal Guru Reviewencouragement you need to keep pushing forward with the goals you’ve set for yourself and reach them as well as you’d want. If you want to stop overeating, gain confidence, manage with jet lag, or live passionately, this subliminal system provides you with tracks to help you stick to your resolutions while also providing you with the correct mindset and attitude to help you succeed.

They feature a variety of subliminal mp3 audios for topics such as fitness, love and intimacy, problem-solving, addictions, creativity, motivation, boosting your emotions, business success, overcoming anxieties, and many others. All you have to do now is decide whatever area of your life you want to focus on and begin the exciting road ahead.


How Does Subliminal Guru Works?

Subliminal Guru uses various unconscious techniques, including whispering, stereo confusion, lighting, and reverse language. Users can download both audio and subconscious messages with brainwaves entrainment which means that the sound helps their minds get more relaxation. Regardless of which MP3 you choose, each download takes 10 minutes. There are 14 separate titles for each download. This means that you have 140 minutes of MP3 time for each subconscious download you purchase. You can also buy a CD to listen to if you can not hear your MP3 files. So, Additional messages are presented in 6 different styles of music that match your mood. Brainwave versions with music and sound are available to make your mind naturally relaxed.

What You Will Get From Subliminal Guru?

  • Your Subliminal Guru MP3s – 6 x 10-minute mixes (in different musical styles)
  • Bonus Spoken Subliminal MP3 – 10-minute session, with spoken affirmations and subliminals
  • Additional brainwave tracks – All the above 7 subliminal MP3s, with added brainwave entrainment layers
  • Full instructions – Including details on how to get started, access to our listening guide and info on your lifetime support


  • It is easy to use
  • You do not need to download or install complex software
  • Listening does not take much time
  • You can listen to many affirmations at the same time, neutralizing the effects of each album
  • Audio subliminal much safer than visual subliminal for people prone to seizures


  • It is available online only.
Subliminal Guru


It is here that the subliminal responsibilities begin, because your deepest thoughts are based on the models created by your subconscious mind. Subliminal Guru can help you reclaim the self-confidence, self-esteem, and endurance you once had if you’re willing to put in the effort.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Subliminal Guru?

Subliminal Guru is a subliminal MP3 superstore.

We have over 350 subliminal albums for instant MP3 download, covering everything from confidence to weight loss to abundance. We can even help you create your own custom subliminal album.

We’re one of the largest subliminal superstores in the world, and as such, we’re able to offer you the greatest sessions at the best possible prices.

What are subliminals?

‘Subliminal messages’ are phrases and affirmations, delivered in a way that has an impact on the subconscious mind.

For example, we may record the phrase “I feel great!” and then embed that phrase inside a piece of music. By using special audio techniques, we can ensure that the conscious mind can barely hear the affirmation, yet it remains clear to the subconscious mind.

We can then repeat the affirmation over and over, effectively delivering thousands of positive affirmations to the subconscious. This process can help you automatically rewire long-standing thinking patterns – helping you to think more positively, lose weight, or gain confidence, for example.

Subliminal messages have been proven through rigorous scientific testing.

Tell me more about your Subliminal Guru MP3s?

Every single MP3 on the Subliminal Guru site has been hand-crafted to help you change your life, in the quickest and most effective way possible.

Each album comes with 6 x 10-minute MP3 sessions.

That’s six subliminal recordings in different musical styles, to help match your mood. Including: Acoustic mix; Brown Noise mix; Rainfall mix; Relaxation mix; Stream mix; Workout mix. Just listen to whichever takes your fancy.

We also include a bonus audio, a Spoken Subliminal MP3. This uses a mixture of spoken affirmations and subliminals to help deliver an engaging listening experience.

We also provide versions of all the above 7 MP3s, but with brainwave entrainment incorporated, to help take your mind down into a receptive state while listening.

Each Subliminal Guru album comes with 2 hours and 20 minutes of audio.

How long is each album?

Each session from one of our subliminal albums lasts just 10 minutes.

Simply hit play, listen, and get ready to experience the change from within!

Every album comes with 6 x 10-minute MP3s. That means six different musical mixes (acoustic, brown noise, rainfall, relaxation, stream, workout) and a Spoken Subliminal version. Just listen to whichever fits your mood!

So, although listening to each MP3 will only take you 10 minutes – you actually receive 2 hours 20 minutes of subliminal audio with every single purchase!

Is this actually proven by science?

Without any doubt – YES!

Subliminals have been heavily researched since the 1950s, and have been proven over many rigorous scientific studies.

Dr Norman Dixon, a psychologist at UCL (University College London), performed extensive research on subliminal learning in his scholarly work, “Preconscious Processing,” citing over 748 studies. He found over 80% of those subliminal studies delivered affirmative, positive results.

Who created Subliminal Guru?

Subliminal Guru comes from the team behind Inspire3 – the same company that brought you Subliminal360, Hypnosis Live, and the Brain Evolution System.

Our founders were also some of the original leaders in the subliminal industry, including the author of “How to Create Your Own Subliminal Studio” and the creator of the original “Stereo Confusion” subliminal delivery technique.

Will this really work on me?

Yes. Scientific research has proven that we are all susceptible to subliminal influence.

At Subliminal Guru, you get a chance to try it out for yourself and see the positive difference it can make in your life – all starting with just a simple 10-minute MP3.

How much do these subliminal MP3s cost?

Our albums typically cost $23.95 each, and there are discounts if you purchase multiple albums within the same order.

English is not my native tongue. Will this still work?

Yes! So long as can hold a basic conversation in English, our subliminal albums will be just as effective as if they were recorded in your native language.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not thrilled with the results you get, just let us know within 14 days — and we’ll refund everything you paid.

It’s as simple as that. The only small print is that we will only refund a maximum of five albums per year. This is to avoid abuse. So if you’re unsure, please place a smaller order first.

Refunds are not available for custom albums.


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