Vitaae Reviews: Does It Anti-Aging Supplement Work?

Vitaae is an anti-aging formulation that seeks to enhance cognition in many ways. Is Sane Vitaae a good product? Read on to learn all the key pieces of evidence about Vitaae.

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Vitaae Reviews

Vitaae has elements that promote long-term brain health. This vitamin helps you stay alert, focused, and remember things while also reducing inflammation in your brain, which can lead to dementia and other brain-related problems.

The product was produced in the United States, which the manufacturers claim makes it of high quality. Due to its excellent combination of carefully chosen natural ingredients, Vitaae is also safe. Its major job is to shield your brain from rusting as you become older.

You can’t escape ageing since eventually its impacts on your brain catch up with you. However, taking care of your brain can slow down the ageing process and keep you mentally bright well into your nineties! This specific brain supplement has many positive characteristics, so you should think about including it into your routine for increased attention and energy as well as other advantages.

Check out the Vitaae review below if you’re curious to learn more about this product. In order for you to make the best choice regarding whether or not to buy this product, it will go through specifics about it.

What is Vitaae?

Vitaae is a dietary supplement for anti-aging that has been shown in studies to improve general brain function. Clear-thinking-supporting substances were used to create this mixture. Additionally, it alleviates psychological and metabolic issues.

Before creating the medication, this product creators did extensive study on components that could treat memory loss symptoms and evidence of brain inflammation.

The creator of SANE laboratories, which makes Vitaae, Jonathan Bailer, conducted extensive study on a supplement that would improve general brain health.

When his wife became pregnant, he put the supplements on her, which later aided in the health of both his wife and the unborn child. He placed a lot of importance on this supplement, and because of this, the supplements appear to be reliable.

How Does Vitaae Work?

Vitaae is described as “the world’s first-ever clinically proved brain-boosting memory safeguarding compound” by SANE.

Clinical trials for nootropics frequently end prematurely. Clinical trials are not frequently funded by dietary supplement businesses. They are both costly and challenging. Most dietary supplement businesses mention independent studies. Few other supplements can make the claim that SANE’s mix is expressly “clinically proven” to support cognition in a variety of ways.

Additional testimonials from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and the Mayo Clinic can be found on the Vitaae product website. This is a little deceptive because although physicians from these institutions have officially praised this supplement, they have not publicly backed the SANE diet. It’s plausible that they would support Vitaae, but there is no proof that any of their medical staff members have specifically recommended for brain health.

SANE asserts that anyone taking Vitaae may gain the following advantages:

  • Utilization of brain energy increased by 13.6%
  • Increased membrane turnover by 26%
  • More mental clarity
  • More focused attention
  • Increased mood
  • Safeguarding your most priceless memories

SANE asserts Among its many benefits, it can aid with memory, focus, attentiveness, and general vitality. As people age, they frequently encounter mental fog. Vitaae fights this mental fog and boosts your brainpower. Some people get forgetful.

In fact, it asserts that it can help you deal with the signs of a leaky brain by promoting clarity, focus, and memory by as much as 90%.

Ingredients in Vitaae

Vitaae, like all SANE Labs products, only uses components that have undergone clinical research to increase energy levels and restore healthy cognitive processes. Five elements make up this supplement, and they are as follows:

Vitaae Ingredients

MagnaFolate C

A proprietary type of folate called MagnaFolate C® is far more bioavailable than regular folate. Folic acid is necessary for the synthesis of DNA, according to numerous studies. Low folic acid levels have been associated with impaired brain function, a compromised immune system, and neuronal damage.

Vitamin D

One of the most crucial vitamins for the human body is vitamin D. It is essential for healthy brain growth and neurodevelopment. Low vitamin D levels have been linked in studies to both brain inflammation and poor cognition, which weakens the health of the brain.


Citicoline is a substance that naturally occurs in the body and has a patented form called cognazin. Clinical studies have shown that CognazinTM promotes improved learning, attentiveness, and memory recall. Additionally, it greatly improves brain energy levels and cellular production and has remarkable neuroprotective properties.


The “essential brain nutrient” CoQ10 is thought to provide your brain with energy. It has strong antioxidant effects and boosts immunity. With Vitaae, you can benefit from CoQ10 more more quickly than you might otherwise be able to because it contains a proprietary version of CoQ10 with better bioavailability.

Vitaae Mind Exclusive Blend

Important omega 3 fatty acids are present in the VitaalMind proprietary blend, which helps reduce inflammation. Additionally, omega 3 fatty acids offer neuroprotection to shield the brain from further harm. The Harvard Medical School has stated that this combination “has the potential to benefit persons with mental disorders.”

Benefits of Vitaae

Vitaae, also known as a nootropic substance, is a proven supplement for improving cognition. You can notice a noticeable improvement in your cognitive abilities and gain advantages like the following by using this product:

Better memory recall: To recall memories, your brain’s neurons must fire and connect as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this process is hampered by brain inflammation, which makes recalling information much more challenging. To lessen this brain inflammation and support the return of natural, quick memory recall, employs substances that have undergone clinical research.

Better focus and energy: It aids in providing your brain with nutrients that boost your energy and aid in concentration. Anyone who needs to concentrate can utilise this supplement to do so, including business executives, athletes, and others who need to be more productive. You will undoubtedly become aware of this benefit right away if you have trouble maintaining long periods of attention.

Mood improvement: Dopamine and serotonin, two brain chemicals, help regulate your mood and improve your mood. The components of Vitaae enhance your body’s capacity to manufacture these mood-enhancing brain chemicals. This is frequently the reason this supplement is preferred by those who suffer from depression as a good supplement alternative to antidepressants.

Vitaae Is It Safe? What side effects are there?

Vitaae differs from other well-known nootropic substances in that it is both safe and effective. It has been established through extensive clinical testing that every component of Vitaae is safe for both short-term and long-term use.

There are generally no negative consequences from taking Vitaae. While taking this supplement, some people may feel a little headache or nausea, but these side effects are uncommon. These negative effects can occur with any supplement, not just Vitaae, in general.

Additionally, SANE Labs has a history of producing secure, pure supplements devoid of stimulants, fillers, synthetic ingredients, or hazardous chemicals. Since Vitaae is created with the highest-quality & safest ingredients, you can rest easy knowing their dedication to safety is unmatched in the supplement market.

Before using Vitaae, speak with a medical expert or your doctor if you still have concerns about its safety for you. If this product is safe for you to take, he or she should advise you and let you know.

Who Should Take Vitaae?

According to the company’s website, Vitaae is a “anti-aging breakthrough” and cognitive enhancer that has been clinically proven to assist people at all stages of life think more clearly, feel better, and reverse long-term physiological and metabolic disorders.

Jonathan Tailor created the item in order to improve the health of both his pregnant wife and their new baby girl. The tried-and-true components of Vitaae can be regularly used by adults of all ages to help them feel, look, and think more clearly.

Vitaae is the ideal supplement to help you achieve your objectives if you have cognitive difficulties, feel that you aren’t as sharp as you once were, or simply want to increase your attention and energy.

How Long Will it Take for Vitaae to Work?

Like all excellent things, Vitaae requires some time to develop its full potential. You shouldn’t hope for miracles to happen right away because then you’ll be let down.

The manufacturer did point out that within the first few weeks of use, the majority of people begin to experience some improvement. To fully begin experiencing the true advantages of utilising the product, they advise giving it 30 to 60 days.

To truly give the Vitaae components a chance to minimise the inflammation that is hurting your cognitive abilities, we advise giving it the full 60 days.

What Makes Vitaae a Good Investment?

Sane Vitaae differs from other brain-boosting supplements thanks to a number of characteristics. The following characteristics ought to make you reconsider choosing a different brain-boosting substance.


Sane Vitaae is dependable because every element is tried-and-true and has no undesirable side effects. You can be confident that this product is a tried-and-true treatment with no dangerous ingredients.


Sane Vitaae is simple to take into your regular routine because it is available as capsules. All you need to do is take the supplement as directed, three times day with water. Sane Vitaae is simple and easy to follow; there isn’t much to learn or understand.


You don’t need to worry about Sane Vitaae because the authorised manufacturer has provided a money-back guarantee to reassure you of its quality. The manufacturer’s assurance in its goods and concern for its consumers are demonstrated by the money-back promise. The efficiency of the product is also guaranteed by favourable client feedback.

How to Order Vitaae

If you’re eager to improve your cognitive function right away, visit the SANE Labs website right away to order your bottle of Vitaae while supplies last. There are a variety of purchasing options available on the website, with significant savings offered when buying numerous bottles:

  • One bottle, $47.50 Each
  • Three bottles, $42 each, for a total of $126.
  • Six bottles, $33 each, for a total of $198

The best part is that SANE Labs will provide you an unique 365-day money-back guarantee regardless of the bundle you choose. You can get a complete refund for your entire order from SANE Labs if, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with Vitaae, don’t see benefits, or feel you no longer need it.


  • Vitaae may enhance concentration, vigour, and mental processes.
  • It could lessen memory loss.
  • It might boost metabolism and aid in losing weight.
  • Vitaae might improve your mood in general.
  • It might guard against Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • The business provides a 12-month money-back guarantee.


  • It’s not available on Amazon or other reputable retailers.
  • Under-18s and pregnant women are not permitted.
Vitaae Testimonial


Vitaae by SANE appears to be a dependable brain-boosting supplement for more energy and sharper attention on the market. The primary effect of the supplement is to reduce neurological inflammation, or leaky brain syndrome. To guarantee that you achieve both short-term and long-term results, it contains the best, highest-quality, clinically established substances.

This supplement appears to be fairly dependable due to its superb composition and high-quality manufacturing. If you’re already looking for a nootropic supplement, it’s absolutely worth a try because it also has the endorsement of consumers.

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After Sale Support

Vitaae is supported by SANE’s one-year refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with Vitaae for any reason, you can ask for a refund within a year of the original purchase date.

Every return is scaled according to how much you actually utilised. You would save 50% on your initial purchase price if you drank only half of the bottle. Contact SANE to make a refund request and start the refund procedure.

Phone: (347) 979-1735


Address: SANESolution 60 W 2nd Ave #100 Spokane, WA 99201

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Take Vitaae?

Three capsules, taken once or twice daily with food, are the suggested dosage. Under no circumstances consume more than 6 capsules per day.

What Are The Side Effects Of Vitaae?

There are no alleged adverse effects of the product. As a result, you can use it without concern, though it is still advisable to consult your doctor.

What Is the Price of Vitaae?

Vitaae is a little on the expensive side. However, it is reasonably priced, so if you can afford it, you might buy it.

Is Sane Vitaae safe?

There are no adverse effects to be concerned about. Every single thing is pure and natural.

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